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Caravan Guide Prices

We help caravan, motorhome. static caravan buyers and sellers accurately valuing caravans by provide unbiased current market prices.

Value my caravan - An introduction to caravan price

Whether you're buying or selling a caravan, it's vital to know its true value. It'll mean you're more informed when it involves negotiating a price with any potential buyer or seller.
Our caravan valuations will give you a caravan's price while minutes, putting you in a strong position when it comes to agreeing a price by knowing your caravan's value. All we would need is the make, model, berth and year and you'll be ready start right away!


If you're buying a caravan

Our caravan valuations will show you how much your desired caravan actually is worth. Once you've popped in your caravan details you will then need to choose whether you're planning on buying or selling that caravan. You'll then be presented with three different prices: the private value, trade/part-exchange value and dealer value. These can help you decide who to buy from and work out if a seller's price is fair.


If you're selling a caravan

By using caravan valuation we can also give you an accurate idea of what price to sell your caravan for. This is key when negotiating the sale, because it allows you to protect against any buyer who offers you a price that's below the caravan's worth. Again, we'll ask you for the make, model, berth and year and if you plan on buying or selling it.,
We'll then give you the caravan's sale price via a private value, trade/part-exchange value and dealer value. This allows you to decide on the best method to sell your caravan.


How much is my caravan worth?

Whether you're buying or selling a caravan, you'll be wanting to find out its current market value.
Our valuations gives you an up-to-date caravan price based on its make, model, berth and year.

  • Find out a caravan's value, whether it's being sold by a dealer, as a private sale, or if it's being traded in.

  • Our valuation tool gives you a caravan price in minutes.

  • All you need to know is the caravan's make, model, berth and year.


our valuation report will tell you:​

  • Cost when new: how much the caravan or motorhome was worth when new.

  • Price for selling privately - recommended resale value, Based on the caravan been in good clean condition.

  • Trade/ Part-exchange price - how much you could be offered for it as a part-exchange or the value you should expect to receive if you require a fast sale from a caravan buyer.

  • Dealer price - how much you could expect to pay for it if buying from a caravan or motorhome dealer.

Why should i get a caravan valuation?

Discover a caravan's value* in minutes. Our caravan valuation report gives you an idea of the market value of your caravan. Whether you're buying, selling or part-exchanging, it pays to do your research so you do not get stung financially:

  • When buying a caravan, you should to make sure you are not paying over the odds and getting a good deal for your money.

  • If you're selling a caravan, knowing how much to ask for it isn't always straightforward. Undervaluing your caravan could mean you losing out on some of the cash value while overvaluing could make it a harder sell.

  • If you're thinking of part-exchanging or selling to a trade buyer, you don't want to feel pressured into accepting an offer without knowing if it's a good price or not.


Stay in the know

Take a look at our guides on our blog if you'd like more information on caravan valuations for buying a caravan or selling a caravan.
That's not all though. Our whole buying and selling section has many useful tips and advice to assist you.


*A caravan's true value could be affected by other factors, such as its condition.

Caravan prices for all major makes and models

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