Frequently Asked Questions

Caravan Valuations

What is trade value ?

The trade value is the price you should except to recieve from caravan trade buyers, part exchanging or when the caravan park offers you a buy back payment.

Where can i find my valuation?

if you've requested a caravan or motorhome valuation by filling out one of our online forms. Your valuation will be sent to you via email in which you should receive it with in a couple of minutes. (note: depending on the setting on your phone or computer, your valuation could be in your spam folder)

How can i get a caravan valuation?

It's a simple process. First select a caravan you're buying or selling by entering its make, model age and berth), and then we look up the price in our valuations database. We will then email your caravan valuation to your inbox. its that simple.

Whats included in a caravan valuation report?

When you get a valuation from Caravan Price Check, you get two ranges of values based on a caravans make and model. You are presented with the private value, which is the typical price you’ll pay for a caravan in a private sale. What you can reasonably expect is a caravan with some- or full-service history, few or no mechanical issues, decent bodywork. You also get an expected dealer price, for which you can expect a caravan with a warranty, and for it to have no major mechanical, bodywork or damp issues.

How accurate is your valuation?

The caravan valuation is based on average condition and standard equipment for that make and model. We pull up the exact spec of the caravan you want to value, we have valuations available for most caravans made from 2000 onwards, which can be used as a guide to buy, sell or trade-in.

What other information do you get?

We list the original price of the caravan when new and the secondhand price you’d expect to pay for it today at an independent dealer and a private seller. We also indicate what to pay if the caravan’s in good or bad condition, and offer a part-exchange value for those buyers simply wishing to trade their existing caravan in at a dealership. It's all in our caravan valuations tool.

Why should you trust our valuations?

Caravan Price Check has been working with leading industry valuations, caravan experts, and monitor around 500,000 used caravan sales every year (more than 1,300 per day!), and our number one aim is to help you get the fairest possible price for your caravan, by reflecting all of those transactions.

Caravan Selling Questions

I have outstanding finance on my caravan. Can you still buy it?

Of course. We deal with finance settlements every day, so we can arrange the settlement of your current agreement. Our associates will guide you through this process on the day, and the settlement amount will be deducted from the amount paid to you for the caravan.

How will you pay for my caravan?

It's simple. If you sell your caravan to us, we will transfer the money into your account instantly, subject to an ID check. There are no charges or admin costs so you'll get every penny of your caravan's value.

Is there a transaction fee

Certainly not. Unlike some other caravan buying services, there is no transaction fee if you decide to sell to us regardless of the value of your caravan.

How do you work out the valuation?

Our valuations are generated based on the caravan details that you provide and the following assumptions that we make about your caravan.

Can you pay more then other caravan buying site

Other 3rd party online valuation tools take a cut from your caravan's value before they sell them on to auction houses, who then take a cut before selling these caravans to us. By cutting out the middlemen and selling your caravan directly to Caravan Price Check, we can pay more for your caravan.