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Buying a caravan on ebay

Buying a caravan on eBay, before you’ve even seen it, may seem like a crazy idea, but this way of purchasing a caravan is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Many people value their time these days. With a busy work life and other commitments, the idea of buying their next caravan online, after selling their old caravan to, can seem like the ideal solution. In this simple guide, we’ll take a look at a few simple tips to help you find your next caravan on eBay!

  • Purchasing a caravan on eBay can be easy and hassle-free, with no hovering sales assistants, and hours of walking around a showroom. Instead, eBay gives the opportunity for users to browse 100's pf caravans from the comfort of their own homes. Let’s take a look at few ways on how to gain an excellent deal.

  • Finding the perfect caravan on eBay (and for the right price) can take time, so we’d advise anyone looking, particularly for the first time, to exercise patience when they’re shopping and refrain from making a ‘panic bid’.

  • Using a number of eBay’s insightful features, such as, seller feedback ratings and their ‘ask a question’ mailing system can help uncover a potentially hazardous sale. This can be particularly useful if the seller is falsely advertising the caravan for any reason.

  • Once you’ve selected a make and model it's also recommended to shop around. Put the caravan details into our valuation tool to see how much the same caravan at the same age is worth. You should also run a Cris Check to ensure the caravans isn't stolen and that the details are all correct.

  • Being fully informed about the caravan’s history is crucial before any purchase. To find this out there are certain criteria a buyer has to check to make sure the seller is trustworthy, and that they aren’t making a mistake and being lured into a dodgy deal.

    • Service your caravan with an approved dealer

    • Service your caravan during the time scale recommended by the manufacturer.

    • Do not modify your caravan

    • Maintain your caravan

  • Once all the information has been obtained, the next stage is to ask to see the caravan in person before making a final decision. By doing this the quality of the caravan can really be checked and the seller can be quizzed some more until the sale has deemed itself to be satisfactory and honest.


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