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Selling your caravan to a dealer

Selling your caravan to a dealer is a popular option and was traditionally the easiest way to sell a caravan before you were able to sell your caravan in under an hour with Our guide will explain what to think about when selling to a dealer, the way to get a great deal and the way it compares to other options available.

Why should I sell my caravan to a dealer?

Dealerships are considered a convenient way to sell your caravan. Whilst you are likely to receive less than if you sold the caravan privately, it is less time-consuming and less hassle. You don’t need to meet prospective buyers, answer phone calls and prepare the caravan for every viewing.

Where you have a caravan that is desirable to a dealership, you may have more bargaining power to demand a higher price. For example, if you are selling a fixed bed model and the dealership knows that caravan is in high demand, they might want it on their forecourt.

How to get a great price for your caravan

Before you decide to sell your caravan to a dealership, you should know the value of your caravan. You can get a free caravan valuation by entering your caravan details into our online form.

You should consider if the dealership you want to sell to will be interested in your caravan before visiting. For example, if you own a Lunar, you may get more if you sell your caravan to a specialist lunar dealer compared to one that specialises in another brand. This is due to their customers coming to them for that specific make, meaning it should be easier for them to sell the caravan for a profit. If it’s a caravan that the dealership will struggle to sell, they are less likely to offer you a good price.

You should also consider when the best time is to sell your caravan based on demand and seasonality. For example, in the colder, winter months. Unless you are in a rush to cash in on your caravan, you may want to consider waiting until the best time of the year.

Can I negotiate with caravan dealers?

When you sell your caravan to a dealership, they will know what price they’re able to offer based on factors such as their profit margins, sales targets and buyer interest in that particular model. However, there may be an opportunity to negotiate a better price for your caravan if they show an interest. Learning how to negotiate the best price for your caravan could result in you having more cash for your next purchase.

Should I part-exchange my caravan?

Part-exchanging your caravan may seem like a logical decision if you are in the market for a new caravan and want to sell your current caravan at the same time. When you trade-in your caravan, you can either take out finance for the difference in value between the new caravan and your current caravan or pay the difference in cash.

Whilst it may seem to be a good solution to part-exchange, it is often a complex process as you're merging two transactions into one. If you are going to part-exchange, we would recommend keeping the two deals separate to ensure you’re getting a fair price for your current caravan and the caravan you want to purchase. Your best option may be to get a price for your caravan before stating that you are interested in part-exchanging to ensure you can negotiate the best price.

Alternatively, you could sell your caravan to, which makes you a cash buyer and able to negotiate a better price for your new caravan. You can simply get a free caravan valuation and sell your caravan in under an hour.

How to prepare your caravan for resale

If you want to get a fair price for your caravan, you will need to ensure the caravan is prepared before you sell. The first step should be to thoroughly clean the caravan inside and out — having a dirty caravan could result in cleaning fees and could indicate that the caravan hasn’t been well taken care of , which can reduce the amount a dealer offers.

You should also consider the damage to your caravan and how it will impact the value. If your caravan has scratches or dents, you should consider getting them professionally repaired before selling the caravan. Whilst there'll be an initial outlay to carry out the repairs, it should lead to getting the best possible price.

As well as aesthetic damage, you should also consider repairing any mechanical faults before you sell the caravan. Mechanical faults can be expensive to repair, therefore if you present a caravan that has no faults, the dealer is more likely to provide you with a higher valuation.

Sell your caravan in under an hour

If you want to avoid the hassle of selling privately, you can sell your caravan in under an hour to Simply enter your caravan details and get a free valuation. If you’re happy with how much your caravan is worth, you can book an appointment at a day and time that's convenient to you.


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