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Sell my Caravan / Motor home for free

Reach more active in-market buyers

free caravan advertising

At, the process of selling your caravan in a private sale is quick and easy. Advertise with us and create a professional looking ad in less than five minutes following ten easy steps today. List your caravan free of charge for 4 weeks and reach active market caravan buyers. You can even relist your caravan at no extra cost as well.


Looking to create a private motor home listing instead? You can do that here to.

Create your free listing in just five minutes

For the sale of your caravan or motor home, keep reading. Because with it's simple to create a private caravan listing, all you have to do is:

  • Select 'Create Advert'

  • Enter your caravan details

  • Add your caravans history

  • Decide on your asking price (£)

  • Write a description for your caravan

  • Upload up to six photos of your caravan

  • Add your personal details and contact information

  • Verify and confirm


When you've completed your listing, we'll review it and once approved, your advert should take less than 5 minutes to appear on our website. And that's it! You could now sell your caravan to potential buyers.

Remember, you're likely to get more money for your caravan with a private sale than by selling to a dealer. Usually the process takes more time and effort than a part exchange or using an online buyer, but with you could make a private sale in less than two weeks.


Have the following ready to create your ad


  • Your caravan details

  • Your caravan history

  • Your asking price (£)

  • A clear and accurate description of your caravan

  • Clear photos of your caravans exterior and interior (Up to 6 images max with no image larger than 15MB)

  • Your personal details and phone number


We Make it quicker and easier to create your advert.

And once you've created your finished ad, you'll be able to see your advert and how it will appear on our site. Ensure the details are correct and make any adjustments you need in the member area. Creating your free listing couldn't be easier with

Tips for selling your caravan

Before you create your free listing with us, check out our top tips for selling your caravan. They'll help you attract more interest and get the best price for your caravan. When you create a listing, it's a good idea to:

  • Clean your caravan inside and out to get it looking as close to like new as possible

  • Take photographs of your caravan after a good clean and ideally in good weather

  • Make sure your photos are top quality: images should be close enough to show the condition of your caravan, whilst keeping your entire caravan in frame

  • Detail your caravan from all angles, including inside features

  • Set a realistic asking price for your caravan (use our valuation tool to help)

  • Be honest about your caravan and its condition - stick to the facts in your description

  • Mention any modifications (though be aware that some customization can limit your number of potential buyers)

  • Detail any optional extras you've purchased, such as motor movers and awnings  - it can add value to your caravan and justify your asking price

  • Provide details about your caravan's service history - maintenance records and receipts will show a buyer you care for your caravan

  • Make sure you have all necessary paperwork for selling your caravan

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