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"Excellent service & a great money saver if you doubt the dealers price.Nearly parted with £1500 more than the true value of the caravan so the couple of quid payment well worth it."

Graham, Speller


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Touring Caravan Valuation

We help caravan buyers and sellers accurately value caravans by provide an unbiased insight into current market prices.

How our caravan valuations can help you?

Whether you're buying or selling a touring caravan, knowing the caravan's true value can help you gain a better deal and put you in a strong position to negotiate on price.

How much is my caravan worth?

Use our valuations to discover how much your caravan is worth today with See how much you could get selling your touring caravan in a private sale, in part exchange or selling to a trade buyer.

If you're buying a caravan 

Our caravan valuations will show you how much a caravan is worth, and help you decide if the asking price is right for you.


If you’re looking at buying a touring caravan, we'll give the cost when new, a dealer price and the private sale price to help you decide who to buy from. Once you've found a caravan you like, remember our online caravan valuation. It will help you decide if the condition of the caravan and its features are worth what the seller is asking for.

If you're selling a caravan 

Accurately pricing your caravan will help it to sell faster. Knowing the value of your caravan will also help you in negotiation, as you'll know whether the buyer is driving the price down too low.


We'll give you both a private sale price and a part-exchange/trade price, so you can work out which method of sale is right for you.


"Spot on service - could not be bettered 

We needed a guide price for a second hand caravan we were considering buying. It was easy to pay for the advice and the response time was very quick. The service was exactly what we needed. Prompt, efficient and polite. A five star service. Thank you."

Mrs V Peters

Be Confident when buying or selling that you're receiving the best deal.

Get your valuation in minutes. Just £2.99 

What's included in a caravan valuation report?

Our valuation report will tell you:​

  • Cost when new: how much the caravan was worth when new.

  • Price for selling privately - in good to excellent condition.

  • Trade/ Part-exchange price - how much you would be offered for it as a part-exchange or the value you would possibly expect to be offered if you require a fast sale.

  • Dealer price - how much you could expect to pay for it if buying from a caravan dealer.

How We Calculate Our Prices  

Caravan Glasses Guide

In depth market research and buying trends. 

Values from major caravan selling sites and auctions

Stuart, Lockyer

Be Confident when buying or selling that you're receiving the best deal.

Get your valuation in minutes. Just £2.99 

What effects a caravan's value

A caravan's value is ordinarily decided by the make, model, berth and year it was made, and other factors like motor movers, alarms, service history and if its been cris registered along with other additional extras.


Our caravan valuations offer a good guide price, but each caravan is unique and factors like an individual caravans condition can increase or decrease the caravan's value.

How to improve your caravan's value

Sometimes, factors like additional fitted extras and the time of year can have an impact on how well a caravan sells,


Regardless of when and where you sell your caravan, ensuring you have created a good advert and that your caravan is well presented should help improve your chances of a successful sale.

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