Get a motorhome valuation

Find out how much a motorhome is worth

See what you could get if you sold your motorhome yourself or part exchanged, or get a guide price if you’re looking to buy.

How much is my motorhome worth?

If you’re looking for the value of your motorhome, you're in the right place. We update our motorhome valuations every day, so you get the very latest guide price to help you value your motorhome or negotiate with a seller.

To ensure our prices are accurate, we combine data from:

Caravan Glasses Guide

In depth market research 

values from major motorhome auctions

Why get a motorhome valuation?

Whether you're buying or selling, knowing your motorhomes value puts you in a strong position to negotiate on price.

If you're buying a motorhome 

Motorhome valuations will show you how much a motorhome is worth, and help you decide if the asking price is right for you.


If you’re looking at buying a motorhome, we'll give both a dealer price and a private sale price to help you decide who to buy from. Once you've found a motorhome you like, remember our online motorhome valuation. It will help you decide if the condition of the motorhome and its features are worth what the seller is asking for.

If you're selling a motorhome

Accurately pricing your motorhome will help it to sell faster. Knowing the value of your motorhome will also help you in negotiation, as you'll know whether the buyer is driving the price down too low.


We'll give you both a private sale price and a part-exchange/trade price, so you can work out which method of sale is best for you.

Factors affecting your motorhome's value

A motorhome's value is ordinarily decided by the make, model, year, its mileage (how far it's been driven) and other factors.


Motorhome valuations offer a good guide price, but each motorhome is unique and factors like an individual motorhomes condition can increase or decrease the motorhome's value.

Improving your motorhomes value

Sometimes, factors like your location and the time of year can have an impact on how well a motorhome sells,


Regardless of when and where you sell your motorhome, ensuring you have created a good advert and that your motorhome is well presented should help improve your chances of a successful sale.

What's included in a motorhome valuation report?


A motorhome valuation report will show the real value of a motorhome.

  • If selling, you'll get both a part-exchange/trade price and a private sale price, so you can decide which is best for you.

  • If buying, we'll give you the advised private sale price and a dealer price for comparison.

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