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2021 Elddis Avante 860

With a recommended retail price of £23,999, The new 2021 Elddis Avante 860 which is an 8ft wide twin axle caravan with a very spacious end bedroom, separated from the front living area by a centrally located shower room and wash room.

The 860 is just one of three 8ft wide caravan models from the Avanté range, which features a very spacious rear bedroom, that's entirely separate from the rest of the caravan. The double island bed which is aligned across the caravan, with wardrobes on each side , with a dresser in the offside corner and two windows, which gives the bedroom a very cosy and luxurious feel to it.


The main feature of the layout that separates the bedroom from the kitchen and lounge area is that the configuration of the washing facilities, which span the width of the caravan, immediately forward of the bedroom.

With a sliding door that divides the bedroom from the shower, on the nearside, and also the separate toilet and washbasin compartment on the offside. The hinged door of the toilet-washbasin, opens across the caravan to shut off the showering, washing and bedroom area from the remainder of the caravan.


The kitchen, just like the washing facilities, which spans the width of the caravan, with the larger fridge-freezer on the nearside with a microwave above it, and the main kitchen units opposite. there is a hinged extension to enhance work space area even you need it.The sink has a raised cover which matches the kitchen surface. Storage compartments include a cabinet and drawers alongside it. There's also a cupboard alongside the fridge-freezer.

Comfort and control

Avantés have the Whale 4.3kW blown air heating with Whale's iVan touchscreen control. The hot-water heater is the Whale Expanse eight-litre underslung unit.

This range has AL-KO's ATC Trailer system as standard; it detects and controls the primary sign of a snaking motion. They even have receivers for the optional AL-KO Diamond Standard wheel locks.

Our Verdict

Luxuriously spacious, being 19cm wider than standard-width Avanté models, this four-berth with a separate bedroom may well be a superb choice if space is your goal yet you would like a caravan that, for a twin-axle, is remarkably light, at just 1650kg MTPLM.


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