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Buying a Used Caravan 

So you would like the thought of owning a caravan, however the value of a brand new caravan is well over budget. the great news is that the second market is jam-packed with caravans with each size, layout and specification you may imagine.

Best time to shop for a second hand caravan? The most effective time to shop for a second hand caravan is 'Any time'. you must continuously be prepared for that right place-right-time ‘van moment. But, shopping for a second hand caravan its Considered particular smart practise to achieve the maximum amount background knowledge a possible to eliminate an nasty surprises.

Buying From a Dealer

Buying from a caravan dealer makes the foremost sense. you should get good advice, and the support of workshops, to assist with servicing, the fitting of accessories and any other after-sales care, together with fixing any issues properly if something should go wrong. Also, dealers are the most effective places to take part-exchanges if you have already got a caravan and looking out to upgrade.

Buying Privately

If your considering shopping for a caravan privately it typically will be a good way to gain value for your cash as there are often plenty of extras placed within the sale. but you must make sure the caravan has had regular services for future peace of mind as there won't be any warranty enclosed within the sale.

Paying the correct price?

Knowing the value of a caravan is one amongst the most trickiest steps with such a large amount of make and model variations obtainable on the market. Gaining the precise market value are often near to impossible to evaluate and without access to the caravan glasses guide that all dealers use to work out the marketing prices of their caravans. How are you able to be one step ahead of the dealers? You may spend hours searching online attempting to search out a selected make model and year of the caravan comparing the selling prices and try to work out a decent value. but doing this technique wont provide you with the precise value of the caravan as there are three completely different values of caravans 1. Dealer price 2. Private sale price 3. The trade worth of your caravan. Alternatively you could enter your prefeed caravan details into our touring caravan valuation tool to speak with one of our valuation experts that can provide you with all 3 values keeping you one step ahead of everyone else.


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